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Using Whatis to manage company terminology and share to a channel

Managing your organisation's terminology, knowledge and points of contact shouldn't be this hard.

New joiners shouldn't have to wait to be sent a 3-months out of date excel file (company_terminology_final_FINAL.xlsx) with their team's financial acronyms.

You shouldn't have to sit in that meeting on CAPEX guidelines for a second longer without being able to find out what CAPEX means

What the hell even is Project brown lightning! and what is this DAU it will be increasing!! I must be the millionth person to ask the Project manager!

Your Organisation's business terminology should follow a rigid structure, be searchable, accountable and feature links to relevant documentation. You organisation deserves better.

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Say hello Whatis - the Slackbot that's like having an always up-to-date dictionary of your team's most important knowledge with you at any time!

Whatis as a company dictionary or glossary

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Search & Explore

Whatis bot uses advanced text-search features to help your teammates discover relevant terminology and project definitions


Manage & Curate

Whatis lets you create, update and delete your workspace's knowledge right from Slack - no need to use a separate web app! Whatis keeps a record of any updates made to your team's knowledge and lets you rollback any unwanted changes too.


Accountability and Quality

Whatis keeps track of and displays all knowledge editors and updaters giving you full transparency. Whatis also lets you you specify and display useful points of contact for your definitions (Channels or users) - stop your project managers being hassled today!

An open-source version of the whatis bot is also available!

Does your team have too much terminology!