Privacy policy

Effective as of November 2019

This policy aims to provide an overview of the ways in which the Whatis service uses, collects and stores data. In this policy the Whatis App may also be referred to as the "Whatis Bot" or "Whatis"

1. What data is collected by Whatis?

1.1 Workspace metadata

The Whatis app only stores the bare minimum Workspace metadata at this time - your Workspace's name and Workspace email domain.

The Whatis app currently does not store any data (aggregated or otherwise) on Workspace channels, direct messages or files - counts, names etc...

Whatis developers may perform analyses of your Workspace's metadata for the sole purpose of improving the Whatis app, these analyses will never be distributed or directly used in any marketing of the Whatis App without the explicit permission of the Workspace admin

1.2 Whatis data

Whatis stores all data entered by Workspace users in "Create" or "Update" dialogs along with associated metadata (Slack User ID, Slack Team ID)

At this time, the "Delete" and "Rollback" actions permanently remove data on the Whatis in question if used, at a future point these actions may change to only "hide" Whatis content for a Workspace

The Whatis developer may perform aggregate analyses of Whatis content entered across Workspaces for the purposes of improving the Whatis product e.g. text search capabilities or localisation. Analyses of individual Workspace Whatis content will not be distributed to any third party or used in general Whatis marketing without the explicit permission of Workspace admins. Aggregate statistics of individual Workspace content may be used to market Future Whatis services to that same Workspace's users

1.3 Workspace User data

Whatis currently does not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on your Workspace's users - Users are identified only by your Workspace's private Slack IDs e.g. UX8HGM2. Workspace user email addresses and display names may be accessed at a future time in case the Whatis developers need to contact your Workspace's admins e.g. for changes in this privacy policy, security alerts or potential usage restrictions however this user PII will not be stored

The Whatis bot stores data on your Workspace users' searches including the literal search text and the time of search. This search data may be presented back to Workspace administrators or administrators of a Workspace's Whatis app in an anonymized or aggregated fashion at a future time e.g. presenting a list of commonly searched terms in your Workspace with no available definition

1.4 Whatis migration data

Whatis indefinitely stores any URL links to JSON migration files entered by Workspace Whatis admins along with a hash of the linked json file - this data is stored to prevent Workspace Whatis app admins from double entering migration json data

2. Where does Whatis store its data and who has access to it?

Whatis stores all application data in a database located in the European Union. Only the creator of the Whatis service has access to this database at this time, though should Whatis be incorporated at a future date other team members may be provisioned with limited or full access to Whatis data on a strict needs-based basis.

At the time of writing, any data entered into Whatis is stored indefinitely, an imminent update is planned to allow all user Whatis data to be deleted on request to the Whatis developer

3. Third parties

At this time, Whatis does not distribute any Workspace or user usage data as defined in (1,2) with any third party tool, service or company